Team Skills
This program covers topics such as interpersonal communication, assertiveness, confrontation, conflict resolution, team skills, team building, negotiation,etc.

Professional Skills
This program covers topics such as business etiquette and email & telephone communications.

Communication Skills
This program covers training for Verbal Communication (Includes both spoken and written forms), Non-verbal communication (Understanding Body Language) & Listening skills (Active, Passive and Reflective Listening)

Presentation Skills
This program covers topics such as effective speaking, presentation skills, public speaking, handling questions, team presentations, and telephone etiquette.

Time Management
Managing time well enables you to be in control of your life; it allows you to act on situationsrather than react to situations.

Some of the points which will be addressed: for Human Excellence

Impact of belief and belief system on my life and business.

How to realign the belief into service
Quality product: same with all competitors… Once belief established, business will run.

Approach towards customers

Your word creates your world of Business: Even though you have best quality of product, without proper behavior, it is a failure.

The importance of aligning internal and external Customers.
ObServe à Serve à DeServe: Are my eyes sensitive towards customer need??

Team bonds better with core values
We are working for whom?  Actuality to Reality in life.
ME to WE : Think beyond your personal profit. If organization is growing , your growth is sure.

Individual make teams relating ways and means.
OWNERSHIP: I am the organization.  Tips and ways

Conflict and oppurtunities (How to use them?)
Realisation: To realize see the problem with REAL EYES.: Create opportunity.