Buoyancee is an organisation that specializes in unique and effective approaches to effective communication with the self, with others- individually or in groups or in public. Presentation skills and corporate team and management development are conducted on need-based basis.

Since 1992 we have worked in partnership with clients on projects and programmes that range from conference fun to the general requirements in effective communication and for performing teams. Our methodologies vary from exciting and unique experiential projects, to life skill and workshop based approaches
Your specific aims and objectives are matched to our experience and concepts in a way that enables us to tailor events,programmes and solutions that are appropriate to your industry, company and people.

Buoyancee has a well-earned reputation for having the best and most enthusiastic facilitators in the business. We are very proud of the team and continue to enjoy the wonderful feedback from clients about our most vital asset, our people.

Apart from the usual training for individuals in corporate, schools, colleges and speakers in various clubs, Buoyancee reaches out socially to the underprivileged in the slums, villages, destitute homes and is now training the underprivileged girls who cannot afford college – training them to be efficient and effective office assistants.Realizing  that 15 to 20 years of education only created many dents in the enterprise and ethics in individuals, the dream of Buoyancee was sown in 1978. Trail and error, Research and Development, Discussions & Trainings, finally crystallized into Buoyancee in the year 1983.  Started as an experiment in Oman, Buoyancee was launched in Bangalore in January 1992.

The word Buoyancee was chosen as every human seed (child) who has confidence, motivation, drive, enthusiasm, optimism, became suboptimal professionally with many sub optimalities in all these God given traits, which are actually necessary to thrive in business and life.
Just like a ball bounces back when pushed in water because of its intrinsic qualities, participants are made to bounce back and make them  realize their potential, instilling self belief, igniting the desires and reinventing the dreams to achieve bigger goals in teams.
No wonder, top blue chip companies like ITC-IBD, MphasiS, Satyam, Godrej, V3 Engineers, Eureka forbes, Accenture, Cisco, LG Soft, and many more progressive blue chip companies came under the wing  of Buoyancee, to empower there employees.

  1.  Me to Me – Self image, Self confidence, Self esteem etc. When u know the self, you are able to plan and maneuver yourself in the most ideal way, having Eu-Stress instead of Distress.
  2. Me to YOU – Presentations,  Interviews, Meetings, Concalls etc. – Business is people. When you reach people, you reach your targets! Creating an impact through effective communication helps one  to thrive.
  3. You to Me – The way I respond rather than react to what happens around me, helps me  achieve better.   Promises are not important, performances are!  Age is never  the criteria !. One should be able to blend for better productivity rather than bending.  Attitude – Thy Name Is Success, after all, one has to learn to perform in teams for performing teams!.