Buoyancee understands an engaged employee delivers their best to the organisations and all our engagement programs are designed as a holistic package that encourages self empowerment in various levels.

Employability Test + Skills Training + Project + Internship + Placement Assistance
: Campus to Career Program.
Our Career Planning tool is designed to unfold your Interest, Personality, Career Values, Skills & Abilities and to derive the best Possible Career Path for you. The earlier you begin to focus on your Career Planning, the more prepared you will be to pursue a wide range of options and opportunities.

It is divided into three parts:

Part 1 – Employability Assessment Test

Benefits For Candidates
•  Designed as per industry employability
•   Matches Personality,Interest and Skills
to Job Profile and Career paths
•   Helps identify areas of improvement for
enhancing employability prospects

Benefits For Companies
•  Transparent and Efficient filter to create
a pool of potentially stable and skilled
candidates with lower attrition probability.
•  Save time and resources by eliminating
initial interviews and training costs
•  Customizable skill tests to suit profile r
•   Complete report mapping personality,
Career Interests and Skills of the candidate.

Part 2 – Success Skills Workshops

Benefits for Candidates
• Defining a career path
• Skills Enhancement – Positive
Solving, Decision Making,
Team Skills
• Leadership Skills
• Becoming Intrinsically motivated

Benefits for Companies
• Job Ready recruits with minimal
training requirements
• Lower Attrition Levels
• Self managed and performance
oriented candidates
• Positive work culture and team

Part 3 – Industrial Certification Program: Internship + Placement

Benefits for candidates
•    Workshops by industry experts to enhance technical skills through practical applications
•    Live Projects to apply skills in a real time environment
•    Real Time learning and exposure to latest and in demand technology
•    Industrial visits to best in class companies
•    Internships and employment offers for certified candidates
•    Higher Employability Prospects by collaborating with companies
•    International career prospects in Middle East,UK,Canada,Australia,NewZealand,Europe,Singapore,etc

Benefits for companies
•    Job Ready Candidates with required technical skills
•    Shorter learning curve in terms of productivity
•    Faster Break Even for new recruits
•    Lower attrition levels
•    Better value proposition for ROI while recruiting freshers
A database of the certified candidates would be provided to prospective employers to meet their recruitment needs.