The “Buoyancee Build India” – Recognized by Sir Ratan Tata Trust was created to inspire and motivate in order to make a difference to our nation by empowering the youth of today.

The greatest yet untapped resource on earth is the human potential and Buoyancee has taken the initiative to reach out to the youth beyond information towards transformation and reformation.

To fulfil our objective we have developed a comprehensive plan for schools: Here is a bird-eye view of this program:

Success Skills for Students: From Abilities to Capabilities – Success plus Significance: While knowledge equips a child with the necessary tools to carve a better future, what is required to really excel and justify one’s potential is an exposure to life skills.

Competence + Commitment + Chemistry + Credibility + Character is powerful!.

Social Sensitization: Towards being true citizen: A socially aware individual values human rights and acknowledges the importance of harmonious social interaction for the developmental progress of human beings.

Off Site Training (1 Day): Beyond just one day picnic: An outbound program provides a perfect setting for learning through fun. This program is entirely activity based. We like to call it – EDUTAINMENT.

Career Design (8th onwards): Bridging the gap between education and employment: An integrated solution for the child take directs on the right career path and give varied exposure on different occupations.

Teachers Training Workshop: From Good to Great teachers: For a tree to grow not the seed but the environment is important. A great teacher creates an environment of learning for the students.

Workshop for Parents: Better Parent, Better Child: A child requires a parent’s presence, not their presents! Parenting workshop enables the parents on “How to Get the Best Out of their Children”.

The above program can be customised too as per the needs and requirements of the institutions.




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