2012 Nov: Career planning course which involves complete career map from education to employment for every child.

2012 August 12th Project “MUKTI” a course for youths on Confidence building in public speaking, Interview facing & Group discussions at our centre & also in various colleges & corporate companies.

2008 to as on date: Rung of Success:
Books on leadership, CD’s & Motivational Cards were released by our Director
Sri. Ajit Kaikini. ->Schools & Colleges ongoing training programmes.

2004-07: Bridging the gap between college education & corporate needs.- 100 programs.
“Outbound programs for corporate” S.T.C Canara Bank at Orange County- Coorg
Individual development program through individual classes.

2003: 10th Anniversary celebrations empowerment of students/Teachers in life skills.
“Better Productivity – a Better Society” – Teachers “Better Youth – Better citizens”- For Youth .

2002: Acquired New spacious activity centre @ Anandashram  on a 2 acre land.
Mathadipati of Shri Chitrapur Math, Shirali , N.K.  blessed the centre.
Project Bhoomi was launched to train young girls to enable them for office work.

2001: “Streeoday” renamed as “Bhoomika”  A Bold step towards a complete woman.

2000-  Launch of project “Build India” by His Holiness Sri Vignana Nidhi  Swamiji Founder Director of “ National Institute of Vedic Sciences.”
“A Present for the future “  7th,8th of Nov 2000 at Atria Hotel.Gearing up for the new Millennium.

1999- the path ahead. ‘India we care’- Empowerment programs. Building a community – while Building a Brand.

1998- Buoyancee adds a feather to its budding network i.e Website was launched !
O.G.C.F  Competitions for ladies on fireless cooking from Indian Oil Corporation.

1997- Anniversary of “Streeoday”
•    Teen treat program launched for young girls .
•    Courses on beauty tips & house decoration.
•    Baking, Culinary skills, North Indian, South Indian, Chinese cooking classes.
•    Fireless cooking classes.

1996-“Streeoday” Launched “Better Women Better Homes”
Children and Youth from the slums, villages, adolescent wings and correctional facilities, remand homes, differently abled , first generation students – all are part of our
participants. Regular free programmes are conducted for them.

1995 : Buoyancee was invited to be part of corporate training and soon there was no looking back. From 3 year olds upwards, we had something to offer to every age group. Customized sessions for school and college going children, unique programmes for ‘mothers’, corporate training for new recruits up to the top level management – Buoyancee extended its presence to all.The mission of Buoyancee has always been to reach out to all – anchoring to this philosophy, we continue working with not only all age groups – but also through all cadres of the society. While Buoyancee is invited to train students and teachers of elite schools, in the nuances of life skills and soft skills, as well as reputed organizations – with offices in India and abroad – Buoyancee has always been extending itself to the poorest of the poor too.

1994– Year of growth. Buoyancee marks Buoyancee’s own space in the world!
When parents found a lot of improvement in their children they found that they wanted something for their younger ones too, and hence Busy Bee was launched for age 3 –age 9. Success was busy bee was again a tremendous,so enhanced version of busy bee gave rise to an older age group Blossoms 9-15.While PDP extended into Leadership Camps,Individual Enhancement skills Calligraphy/Theatre workshop/Computers/ Leather art/Creative art/Study skills etc led to the course called Beacons.
As the world heralded the beginning of a new year, Buoyancee was born!
January 1st, 1993 marked the ‘official’ launch of its personality development programme, at the Carmel Convent School, Bangalore. The response to this initial effort was overwhelming and slowly, but surely, many more schools in and around Jayanagar, opened their doors to Buoyancee.

1991-92:Consolidtion & record assessments at Bangalore.

1987-90:The ripples of this unique concept touched indian shores – Mangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Manipal and ofcourse, Bangalore. Working as the Chief Pharmacist at Manipal, Mr.Ajit’s close association with the key departments of psychiatry, counselling, trauma care & Mrs. Sadhana’s experiences as a teacher at prominent educational institutions – further shaped the future of Buoyancee.

1984-06: While in Oman, the experiments began. Regularly working with children, Mr.Ajit Kaikini and Mrs.Sadhana Kaikini – began to record the responses of children in varied circumstances. Children are No.1 had taken shape. The journey, that was to create history, had begun.

1983 : It was obvious for everyone to see – every parent wanted their child to excel.
But sadly, nobody told the children ‘how to’ excel.
It was then that the seed of Buoyancee began to sprout.

1982:The idea – to reach out to every child, with a mission to make a positive difference