Our Organizational Development Solutions for Corporate focuses on supporting HR and Operations in critical areas like Hiring,Performance Management,Employee Engagement and Retention. Buoyancee believes that workforce optimization is key to Operational Efficiency and Productivity to any organization.

Why Workforce Optimization?
Organizations strive to create a workforce that works at peak performance irrespective of market conditions.Sometimes, the workforce has more manpower than required by the business.Sometimes,organizations remain oblivious to employees that are performing at a subpar level decreasing the overall efficiency of the system. When the good times are rolling, a lot of bottom performers get camouflaged creating flab in the organization. Buoyancee corporate solutions ensure that the workforce performs above par through a combination of culture induction and engagement models that are customized as per company requirements.Our Interactive sessions
with the employees have been transforming workplaces for the past 20 years.

The highlights of the program are:

– Periodic Employee feedback platforms ( Offline and Online methods) – to understand the critical areas that needs to be addressed on a real time basis.

– Training and Engagement models in collaboration with HR and Operations to work out a consistent action plan to keep the employee motivated and performing to their potential.

– We provide different models of engagement like Parenting Seminars,Social Sensitization,Talent Workshops like dance,music and drama,Out Bound Training,etc

– A support system for employees for counseling session on various issues in life whether Personal,Professional or Family oriented

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