Students and Professionals  

Would you like to be YOU???

Anger, Guilt, Fear, Jealousy, Hatred, Sadness, Frustration, and Stress either personal or professional are negative and harmful states we commonly go through in our everyday lives. It knowingly or unknowningly affects our daliy behaviour and relationships. To what extent are we equipped to handle these negative states???

We are so much conditioned to live the way the society wants us to, however, we cannot manage to make everybody happy. Once we get into the habit of getting approval from the outside, living a happy life gets written off.  When most adults are subjected to something new, the thought of being outside their comfort zone and probable failure, gives rise to anxiety and pressure, which is a self inflicted mental torture.

An umbrella cannot compete with the parachute or the donkey with the horse, though they look the same.  When we start living a life craving for validation from the outside, we start comparing and competing, which puts us more in the rut as two people can never be the same!  Guilt grips us as we compare our worst with the best of the others that makes us feel less than them.To achieve real and internal freedom and handle these type of issues confidently and keep procrastination at bay, one needs to have a robust emotional health and a good self image.

Buoyancee’s on weekend works on just these vital issues. Works by exposing the participants to various activities and interactive session on “BEING HUMAN’ to give them the right experiences for realisation, individually and in groups.  Activities will help them to rise above their comfort zones and design a life that they truly deserve.

Our sessions are framed keeping the above in mind – these interactions work on :

  1. Stimulating Thinking
  2. Improving Flow Of Thought
  3. Improving Articulation
  4. Presentation Skills
  5. Public Speaking
Number of sessions : 8
Duration of sessions : 3 hours
Frequency : Every Sunday
Time : 10 am to 1 pm
Fees : Rs 10,500+ GST
Venue : Buoyancee Activity Centre